Blank Page

I’ve had a complaints/rants/tears blog for a while. But no longer (I just deleted it). Now is the time to focus on the wonderful and special in my life. No more tiny, unimportant negative things. On here, I will find the silver lining in the storm clouds or the ray of sunshine on a cloudy day and I’ll celebrate my life and my world. Because there’s so much to appreciate.

Today’s list of wonderful, amazing things to be grateful for:

  • Skipping school for lunch with my mom
  • Vietnamese restaurants and great food
  • Deep, feelsy movies
  • Fanfiction that brings up things I’ve never thought could happen and that somehow works
  • Libraries and library cards and peace and quiet and discovery and the potential in books
  • Looking past the bad in a day to see the great things that happened while you weren’t paying attention.

That’s all for today!